• Phantom Wallet Extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox

    Phantom Wallet is a self-custodial web3 wallet, and it is the most trusted digital currency wallet for the Solana (SOL) network.


    The wallet is easy to use and is available on several web browsers like Brave, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. It is a hot cryptocurrency wallet, and customers regard it as a secure wallet. You can download the Phantom Wallet as a browser extension.


    You only need to download the plugin and set up a new wallet. The wallet will show the portfolio balance, enable you to receive and send assets, and offer access to the other exclusive features


    Exclusive Features of Phantom Wallet

    Built-in decentralized exchange- Phantom Wallet includes an integrated decentralized exchange. It permits the customers to instantly exchange SOL-based assets from within their wallets. The swap interface shows slippage tolerance, estimated fee, and swap rate while making swaps.

    Supports NFT collectibles- Phantom Wallet offers a service that automatically groups similar non-fungible tokens to make it simpler to use. Note: the wallet only supports SOL NFTs.

    Cryptocurrency staking features- With the Phantom Wallet, users can stake SOL tokens and earn rewards. The wallet connects the users to the validators that pay the rewards.

    Hardware wallet support- Phantom Wallet permits users to connect to Ledger, a hardware wallet. This means the tokens of users are secure on their hardware devices.

    Web 3.0 support- Web3 represents blockchain technology. It combines blockchain technology and the internet to grant decentralized apps (DApps).


    Ways to Install the Phantom Wallet Mobile App

    To start with, open the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone.

    Type Phantom Wallet and tap on the Search icon in the search box.

    Then, a list of apps will appear on the screen.

    Here, you should carefully select the Phantom logo.

    Lastly, hit the Install or Get button to begin the installation.


    Ways to Download the Phantom Wallet on PC

    Firstly, you should launch the Firefox extension or Google chrome extension store on your device.

    Or else, you can go to the official site of Phantom.

    Now, input Phantom Wallet in the available search box and tap on the Enter key.

    Next, you need to click on the Phantom icon from the stated list of apps.

    Here, you should tap on the Add to Chrome button.

    After that, the official Phantom Wallet page will launch on your screen.


    Ways to Create a New Phantom Wallet

    For this, you should launch the Phantom Wallet on your computer.

    Then, you have to hit the Create New Wallet button visible on the page.

    Next, the Recovery Phrase will display on the screen. You need to carefully note down the secret phrase somewhere safely.

    Hit the Copy tab visible under Secret Phrase to copy your code here.

    Once you secure the Recovery Phrase, tap on the Ok, I save it somewhere button displayed at the bottom of the window.

    The next step will be generating a strong password for your wallet.

    Now, you need to input your password twice in the preferred fields.

    After that, you should tick the I agree to the Terms of Use box and hit the Save button.

    Then, you will see a shortcut to launch the wallet without navigating in the web browser.

    Tap on the Continue tab to move to the next step.

    After completing the above process, a message will flash on the screen. Press the Finish button.

    That’s it; you can now access all the features offered by Phantom Wallet.


    Ways to Change the Phantom Wallet Password

    First of all, open the Phantom Wallet app on your device.

    Now, you have to input the recovery phrase and password to unlock your wallet.

    Next, detect and hit the Settings icon.

    Here, you need to tap on the Change Password tab.

    Enter your existing login password in the relative field.

    Then, you must input a new strong password twice in the given boxes to confirm it.

    Lastly, navigate and press the Save button.


    Ways to Find the Recovery Phrase on Phantom Wallet

    To proceed, you must open the Phantom Wallet.

    Then, input the password and tap on the Unlock button.

    Note: If you forgot your login password, you would not be able to see the recovery phrase.

    After getting into your wallet, locate and tap on the Settings icon.

    Now, you have to scroll down and click on the Show Recovery Phrase tab.

    Tapping on the Show Recovery Phrase tab will lead you to the recovery phrase page.

    Here, you must provide the Phantom Wallet password to unlock your recovery phrase and tap on the Next button.

    After that, you need to place your recovery phrase in a safe place and hit the Done icon.


    Ways to Purchase Solana on Phantom Wallet via MoonPay

    To begin, get into the Phantom Wallet using the recovery phrase or password.

    Then, detect and tap on the Deposit tab.

    Now, you need to tap on the Buy with MoonPay tab.

    Here, you should select the currency and provide the quantity you want to purchase.

    Click on the Continue tab available at the bottom of the page.

    Next, you have to input your email address in the MoonPay window and press the Continue button.

    Move to your inbox and provide the verification key you have received.

    After that, you must submit the asked details and billing address in the given boxes.

    Lastly, input the card information and hit the Continue icon.

    That’s it; you can now check the Phantom Wallet balance.


    Ways to Exchange the Assets on Phantom Wallet

    Let’s start with launching the Phantom Wallet.

    Then, get into your wallet using the secret recovery phrase and password.

    On the portfolio page, you have to tap on the Swap icon available on the left-hand side of the page.

    On the swap screen, you need to select the desired option from the given options.

    Now, you should copy the address displayed under Step 1.

    Head to the Neo wallet, and pick the tokens you would like to send.

    Then, you must enter the quantity you wish to exchange.

    You have to paste the copied address into the swap page.

    Next, you need to add the GAS Fee and hit the Send Asset tab. Note: Make sure you have a few GAS available in your wallet.

    After that, double-check the information you have entered, especially the gas fees.

    Lastly, press the Confirm & Send button to finish the transaction procedure.



    The above guide will familiarize you with the exclusive features of the Phantom Wallet. It is a hot wallet available as a web browser extension developed to interact with decentralized apps on the Solana network. This allows users to access the world of SOL, including DeFi, NFTs, and DApps on the SOL blockchain. After creating the Phantom Wallet, you can store, receive, send, and swap your assets.